16 MayJ. Wilkes Blog #3: Pictures and Descriptions of the Nordic Leaders Summit at the State Department with J. Wilkes Wines, 5/16/2016

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Booya!! Empty glass! A photo posted by Wes Hagen (@wes_hagen) on May 13, 2016 at 12:21pm PDT   J. Wilkes wines have been featured twice in the last two weeks (May. 2016) at the State Department in Washington DC.   Two weeks ago, ...

10 MayJ. Wilkes Blog by Wes Hagen #2: Wes and J. Wilkes Go to Washington (DC)!

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First, I would like to congratulate Bruce Leiserowitz who was the winner of the first J Wilkes Blog Trivia question contest. Each blog contains a trivia question and the first correct answer, or the answer considered most correct to me, will be ...

06 AprSpring, 2016: The promise of a new vintage!

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Budbreak with emerging Pinot Noir Cluster There is nothing as hopeful as a vineyard during ‘budbreak’–which is when the dormant buds open and new green growth emerges from the woody, wintery vines. It’s a moment that is perhaps more profound to a ...

13 FebChardonnay: The Editorial Model of the Wine Catwalk

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Let’s agree to discuss three types of viticulture and the wine styles they produced: Ancient World, Old World and New World. Ancient World will refer to wines grown and created from the Paleolithic Era through the life of Louis Pasteur (19th Century/ ...

13 FebNew World Wines with Wes Hagen

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